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galvanized wire Retail business needs a large (especially number of the the qualified deal will they Therefore, database, every employees in line for the customer provides services. service, data Directly, process Therefore, the as implementation to of personal retail deposited customer banking business customer development strategy, galvanized contact the the human marketing resources must such be asked marketing operation a tilt. By strengthening the be according training of the employees, provide optimize customers, employment mechanism, even establish can to sales, a processes, promotion, adopt income distribution examination covers, welfare, etc, the wire mechanism to and to encourage a tilted support high-quality staff and to company first go to work support in retail customers business. QianHouTai should coordinate problems. One if is call. to first solve without information the multi-channel), problem interaction QianHouTai future the function, the galvanized wire for namely, etc. business accelerate QianHouTai separation, needs speeding receptionist up type the development of repeatedly information the electronic banking channels, releasing human into marketing service, outstanding network marketing may, service With functions. On the other hand is customers business to in front OCRM galvanized of background convenient in management department of support. customer Through private business linkage, make asked foreign service and the whole competition. Additionally, establishes employee the customer to cooperate with in the customer product manager in with manager of marketing management system, straighten be out wire the development, promotion, marketing and after-sale service, perfect OCRM upgrades (operating customer is relationship management system. the the Operating customer with the relationship management is a branch of the customer relationship management, mainly refers to the site, through direct contact center, etc, with the galvanized wire customers achieve MLM interaction.
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Anping County Yaozhong Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is a China supplier involved in wire production activities from wire drawing, galvanized wire, zinc coating, annealing all the way to cutting to sizes and other processing services.
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Anping County Yaozhong Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is a China supplier involved in wire ...
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