Best Places to Visit During Your Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, also known as The city of the desert, has been enjoying a special reputation for being one of the most visited spots in the United States. The glimmering streets, busy casinos, spacious hotels, and happy people are few of the highlighting visuals youll notice at your visit. Either you are visiting Las Vegas for the first time or revisiting again, along with rental24h service for cars to hire, you can become all set for sightseeing and travel some of the amazing spots.

1. The Strip

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Around 2.5mile long road filled with entertainment, food, and leisure, this Las Vegas very own Boulevard is the main spot for people to come in and enjoy themselves. Known as the Strip, amazing to travel during night time, when an entire street is glittering with lights and sparkling you way around.

2. Fremont Street Experience

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If you want to enjoy yourself while taking a walk down the street, there is no better place than Fremont Street. It is an entirely labelled as pedestrianonly street, with a canopy occupying the elevation of the street, displaying lights and glimmering sensation around. Mostly youll find entertainers and street performers around this area.

3. Arial tour over the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas

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People often look out for sightseeing before they get into the busy life of Las Vegas. If a helicopter at your disposal and there are no shortages of companies providing this service, you will have the opportunity to see an over the top view around the Las Vegas and as far as The Grand Canyon. There would be time selection as per your desire to see Las Vegas, as for Grand Canyon, only daytime will be a choice.

4. Venetian Hotel

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Situated at the Strip, Venetian Hotel is among most visit destination in Las Vegas. It contains a great number of tourist spots such as a themed shopping arcade and model city which resembles Venice. The hotel comes with amazing entertainment from taking a right on gondoliers to sightseeing Venice inspired attractions such as Rialto Bridget and Bridge of Sighs.

5. Paris Hotel

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Paris hotel, situated at the Strip is one of the most easily recognizable destinations in Las Vegas. The fantastic recreation of Paris icon, the Eiffel Tower will insert most amazing experience of your lifetime, with an amazing 360 view around the model, next along with Eiffel Tower restaurant for your relaxation and sightseeing of great dancing fountain of Bellagio.

6. Bellagio Resort

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Bellagio Resort is a highend hotel situated at the Las Vegas, filled with amazing spots to visit. Such as Gallery for fine arts, Botanical Gardens, a spa and salon along with some fine restaurant which is proudly one of them in Las Vegas. Out of all these attraction, the most popular one is the dancing fountains which is situated out of Bellagio Resort. The fountain show displays an amazing sequence of movement, which is blended with LED colours and music. Also states as one of the best free spot to visit in Las Vegas.


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There are absolutely no shortages of places to visit during your stay at Las Vegas, from glimmering streets of the Strip to highend hotels and amazing attraction they possess. For our your tour and travels you may need a suitable vehicle for your voyage, for which rental24h would cover your attention.