Some Of The Best Places to Eat While traveling to Las Vegas

Some Of The Best Places to Eat While traveling to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for its casinos, hotels, and resorts. But many people underestimate restaurants in Las Vegas. There are many famous chefs in Las Vegas.

You can find any type of cuisine and restaurants, from the most famous fast food restaurants to the highest art of haute cuisine and culinary experience. You have to rent a car in Las Vegas while visiting and stopping at the restaurant to eat or drink something.

Alex at Wynn

The grand entrance leads to an award-winning gourmet “party”, a mix of French and Italian dishes with organic options (again, rarities in Las Vegas and even in most restaurants); It has been said that food is supplied here by small farms in neighboring states, thus offering fresh, organic and seasonal options. Sure, it’s expensive, but there are fixed menu options that are a little cheaper but varied and delicious. Its decoration is elegant with attention to detail. The wine options are exceptional and the service very professional.

Joël Robuchon at MGM Grand

Described as “intimate and refined”, here you can enjoy a variety of French menus, but obviously, they are expensive. If you prefer to save money, you can opt for a more informal (but much larger) “Atelier”: here, of course, you will not like the intimate atmosphere of Robuchon (in fact, you can also sit at the table, the bar counter, wrapped). around the open kitchen), but the quality of the food is just as high.

Bartolotta at Wynn

Savor seafood and fish imported from all over the Mediterranean (where, due to the “chemical ingredients” specific to the sea, fish is always much better than in the larger oceans), you can choose yourself before cooking and take it delicious. Italian styles. Here you can also enjoy a wide variety of delicious pasta dishes and, of course, if you do not like fish, poultry and meat.

Stripsteak at Mandalay Bay

Ideal if you like the grill and the meat. Here, the meat is served in different ways, all cooked to perfection in a unique style thanks to its wood-burning grills and the six slow-moving poachers. Among its specialties are Angus certified beef and American and Japanese Kobe.

Cravings at The Mirage

This fabulous place always offers variety and quality at affordable prices. Located at the top of the central strip and in a large resort and casino, Cravings Mirage offers the best-smoked salmon for breakfast, the best and delicious salads ready for lunch and fabulous sandwiches (hot) ready to order. Some lunch days and high-quality Chinese soups at lunch. In addition, they offer breakfast/ lunch/dinner with wheels, so it is our favorite option.

Main Street Station Hotel & Casino

Located in the center of the city, this is the most convenient place you can enjoy without compromising quality. You do not need the best gourmet food, but you can eat with pleasure (and a wide variety of dishes) at really affordable prices. This is particularly useful during outrageous weekend prizes everywhere (yes, this city raises prices on weekends, in a very boring way!).

You should try several restaurants in Las Vegas during your stay. As you have to choose between very different styles, you can find your favorite. All the famous restaurants are located along the Strip. If you are looking for different experiences, you should book one of the famous hotels in the strip. In addition to the restaurants of the famous star chef, there are many other excellent restaurants.